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News (2022-01-11 No.1)

Ruby-GNOME 3.5.0 has been released!

Posted by kou on 2022-01-11 (Tue) 09:18:25

This is a release that adds support for Ractor.

Ruby/GObjectIntrospection has some backward incompatibilities for Ractor support. If you have any problem, please report it to .



  • Improvements
    • Added support for Ractor.
    • Added support for signal handlers and virtual methods in included module.
    • Added support for try_convert protocol for property setter.
    • Added support for converting tuple GVariant to Ruby.


  • Improvements
    • Added support for GIO 2.70.
    • Added Gio::RubyInputStream to use Ruby objects as Gio::InputStream.
    • Added Gio::RubyOutputStream to use Ruby objects as Gio::OutputStream.


  • Improvements
    • Added support for Ractor. This introduced some backward incompatiblities.
    • Added support for "transfer full" for out GError. [GitHub#1437][Reported by mcclumpherty]
    • Added support for changing whether GVL is unlocked per object by the following APIs.
      • GObjectIntrospection::FunctionInfo#set_lock_gvl_default
      • GObjectIntrospection::FunctionInfo#add_lock_gvl_predicate
      • GObjectIntrospection::Loader#prepare_function_info_lock_gvl
    • Added support for converting from raw argument to enum.
    • Added support for GList<GVariant> return value.
    • Added support for reporting an error in callback.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that virtual functions of grandparent class can't be implemented. [GitHub#1433][Patch by shibafu]


  • Improvements
    • Added support for Ruby 3.2.


  • Improvements
    • Improved documentation. [GitHub#1454][Patch by Andy Maleh]
    • Added support for Ruby 3.2.


  • Improvements
    • Updated pkg-config ID. [GitHub#1435][Patch by Sasi Olin]


  • Improvements
    • Removed needless rsvg2 dependency on Windows. [GitHub#1440][Reported by HuBandiT]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed typos in warning messages. [GitHub#1442][Patch by HuBandiT] [GitHub#1415][Reported by rubyFeedback]


  • shibafu
  • Sasi Olin
  • mcclumpherty
  • HuBandiT
  • rubyFeedback
  • Andy Maleh
Last modified:2022/01/11 18:20:25