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class GLib::Object

The base object.

Class Methods

GLib::Object.install_property(pspec, propid = 1)
Installs a new property. This is usually done in the class initializer.
  • property_id: the id for the new property
  • pspec: the GLib::Param? for the new property
  • Returns: nil
Looks up the GLib::Param? for a property of a class.
  • name: the name of the property to look up (Symbol or String)
  • Returns: the GLib::Param? for the property, or raise GLib::NoPropertyError? if the class doesn't have a property of that name = true)
Returns an Array of GLib::Param? for all properties of a class.
  • inherited: if true, also returns GLib::Param?s which are defined by superclasses, otherwise false
  • Returns: an Array of GLib::Param?s = nil)
Creates a new instance of a GLib::Object subtype and sets its properties. Usually this method is overrided by subclasses.
  • params: properties as Hash {prop1 => val1, prop2 => val2, ...} or nil.
  • Returns: self!(params = nil)
Same as This method isn't overrided by subclasses's initialize method.
  • params: properties as Hash {prop1 => val1, prop2 => val2, ...} or nil.
  • Returns: self
GLib::Object.type_register(type_name =
Registers type_name as the name of a new dynamic type derived from parent_type. The type system uses the information contained in the GTypePlugin structure pointed to by plugin to manage the type and its instances (if not abstract). The value of flags determines the nature (e.g. abstract or not) of the type.
  • type_name: the name of the new type. The default is value of
  • Returns: nil

Instance Methods

Emits a "notify" signal for the property property_name on object.
  • property_name: the name of a property installed on the class of object.
  • Returns: self
Stops emission of "notify" signals on object. The signals are queued until GLib::Object#thaw_notify is called on object. This is necessary for accessors that modify multiple properties to prevent premature notification while the object is still being modified.
  • Returns: self
freeze_notify{ ... }
Stops emission of "notify" signals on object with a block. You don't need to call GLib::Object#thaw_notify.
  • Returns: self
Reverts the effect of a previous call to GLib::Object#freeze_notify. This causes all queued "notify" signals on object to be emitted.
  • Returns: self
set_property(name, val)
Sets a property on an object.
  • name: the name of the property to set (String or Symbol)
  • value: the value
  • Returns: self
Gets a property of an object.
  • name: the name of the property to get (String or Symbol)
  • Returns: the value
Return true if the C object has been destroyed.
  • Returns: true if the C object has been destroyed, otherwise false.
Inspect the object.
  • Returns: Inspected String.
Returns current reference count. This is used for debugging of Ruby-GNOME2 itself. Usually user applications don't need to use this method.
  • Returns: self
Internal used only.
  • id: an Symbol
  • Returns: self


notify: self
The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has been changed. Note that getting this signal doesn't guarantee that the value of the property has actually changed, it may also be emitted when the setter for the property is called to reinstate the previous value. self: the object which received the signal. pspec: the GLib::Param? of the property which changed


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