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class Gtk::Plug

Together with Gtk::Socket, Gtk::Plug provides the ability to embed widgets from one process into another process in a fashion that is transparent to the user. One process creates a Gtk::Socket widget and, passes the ID of that widgets window to the other process, which then creates a Gtk::Plug with that window ID. Any widgets contained in the Gtk::Plug then will appear inside the first applications window.

Class Methods
Creates a new plug widget inside the Gtk::Socket identified by socket_id. If socket_id is 0, the plug is left "unplugged" and can later be plugged into a Gtk::Socket by Gtk::Socket#add_id.

Instance Methods

Finishes the creation of a GtkPlug widget. This function will generally only be used by classes deriving from Gtk::Plug.
  • socket_id: the window ID of the socket.
  • Returns: self
Gets the window ID of a Gtk::Plug widget, which can then be used to embed this window inside another window, for instance with Gtk::Socket#add_id.
  • Returns: the window ID for the plug

See Also

Gtk::Socket - the widget that a Gtk::Plug plugs into.


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