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class GLib::FilenameCompleter

Completes partial file and directory names given a partial string by looking in the file system for clues. Can return a list of possible completion strings for widget implementations.

Class Methods = false)
Creates a new filename completer.

Instance Methods

Same as GLib::FilenameCompleter#set_dirs_only.
  • Returns: dirs_only
Obtains a completion for initial_text.
  • initial_text: Text to be completed
  • Returns: A completed String, or nil if no completion exists
Gets an Array of completion Strings for a given initial text.
  • initial_text: Text to be completed
  • Returns: An Array of Strings with possible completions for initial_text
If dirs_only is true, only directory names will be completed, and not file names.
  • dirs_only: true to only complete directory names
  • Returns: self


got-completion-data: self
This signal is emitted when the file name completion information becomes available.
Last modified:2010/12/27 21:59:23
References:[Ruby/GIO] [GLib::FilenameCompleter] [index-ruby-gio2] [index-ruby-glib2]