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In order to allow construction from a Gtk::Builder UI description, an object class must implement the Gtk::Buildable interface. The interface includes methods for setting names and properties of objects, parsing custom tags, constructing child objects.

The Gtk::Buildable interface is implemented by all widgets and many of the non-widget objects that are provided by GTK+. The main user of this interface is Gtk::Builder, there should be very little need for applications to call any Gtk::Buildable's functions.

Instance Methods

add_child(builder, child, type)
Adds a child to self. type is an optional string describing how the child should be added.
  • builder: a Gtk::Builder
  • child: child to add
  • type: kind of child or nil
  • Returns: self
construct_child(builder, name)

Constructs a child of self with the name name.

Gtk::Builder calls this function if a "constructor" has been specified in the UI definition.

  • builder: Gtk::Builder used to construct this object
  • name: name of child to construct
  • Returns: the constructed child
get_internal_child(builder, child_name)
Get the internal child called child_name of the buildable object.
  • builder: a Gtk::Builder
  • child_name: name of child
  • Returns: the internal child of self

Gets the name of self.

Gtk::Builder sets the name based on the Gtk::Builder UI definition used to construct self.

Sets the name of self.
  • name: name to set.
  • Returns: name
set_buildable_property(builder, name, value)
Sets the property name name to value on the object.
  • builder: Gtk::Builder.
  • name: name of property as String.
  • value: value of property.
  • Returns: self
Same as Gtk::Buildable#name=.
  • name: name to set.
  • Returns: self
  • Returns: self: FIXME
  • Returns: self: FIXME
  • Returns: self: FIXME


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