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Install Guide for Debian

Debian GNU/Linux


Official packages are available for stable, testing and unstable Debian. Each binding is available as a separate package. For example,the GTK+ binding is available as libgtk2-ruby. You can install all the packages by installing the ruby-gnome2 package, which depends on all the others. Running "apt-get install ruby-gnome2" as root should do the trick.

Make sure you read the README.Debian file, which is available in /usr/share/doc/<package>.

Bugs in Packages

Bugs in the packages should be filed as normal in the Debian Bug Tracking System.


  • 2009/02/16 Drop all out of date information (Arnaud Cornet)
  • 2004/04/22 The packages are now available for the testing distribution - Dafydd.
  • 2004/03/31 0.9.1 is now in sid, buildable on more architectures - Dafydd
  • 2004/03/14 Updated to reflect new official packages - Dafydd
  • 2003/09/20 Add description about ruby interpreter version - Hiroshi?
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