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Install Guide for SUSE

SUSE Linux 10.0


Ruby-GNOME2-0.14.1 RPMs are available now for Suse 10.0. You can download them here. Simply untar the package and install the RPMs.

The binding for GDA (GNOME Data Access) is missing, Ruby/Libgda isn't compatible yet with libgda-1.3.91 shipped with Suse 10.0.

Ruby/GtkGLExt expects gtkglext to be installed, for instance you can find it here.

The packages are available for the i586 architecture.

Have fun with Ruby-GNOME2!


Report bugs to Franz <>


  • 2005/08/22 Created - Franz
  • 2005/11/18 Ruby-GNOME2-0.14.1 binary packages available - Franz
  • 2007/06/16 Update - Franz
Last modified:2011/06/11 10:22:48
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