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News (2014-10-12 No.1)

Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.1 has been released!

Posted by admin on 2014-10-12 (Sun) 07:21:10

It is a release that Ruby/GDK3 is migrated to Ruby/GObjectIntrospection based bindings.

Some API changes in Ruby/GDK3 are expected but unexpected API changes may exist. If you find API change, please report it. If the API change provides non Rubyish API, it will be a bug.

Ruby/GooCanvas is removed because we can't maintain it.


% gem install gtk2
% gem install gtk3


The minimum package for GTK+ 2 which includes Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/GObjectIntrospection, Ruby/GIO2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/Pango and Ruby/GTK2.
The minimum package for GTK+ 3 which includes Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/GIO2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GDK3 and Ruby/GTK3.
All of Ruby-GNOME2 libraries.



  • Improvements
    • Added GObject#unref to free large object immediately.
  • Fixes
    • [windows] Added a missing exported symbol. (rbg_inspect)
    • Fixed a bug that signal handler doesn't work on Ruby 2.1. [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] [Reported by Carlo E. Prelz]
    • Fixed free function (free -> xfree).


  • Improvements
    • Supported instantiating union.
    • Accepted 5 or more the number of signals. It may be increased for later GIO version. [GitHub#229] [Reported by cosmo0920]
    • Added "?" to boolean field value reader.
    • Supported mapping function info to method.
    • Don't handle MethodInfo as FunctionInfo.
    • Accepted not GType struct as an input argument.
    • Accepted getting a field value from not GType but GType descendant sruct.
    • Added Loader.register_constant_rename_map.
    • Supported in GType array.
    • Don't require needless array length argument.
    • Supported finding suitable method that has optional argument.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed wrong argument index for Ruby objects.
    • Fixed a bug that ArgInfo isn't passed.


  • Improvements
    • Suppressed a warning that instance variable gboxed not initialized.


  • Improvements
    • Supported GLib 2.42.0. Annotation for GObject Introspection is added to g_pollable_input_stream_read_nonblocking() since GLib 2.42.0. See also:
    • Supported GLib <= 2.36.0.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that .pc isn't installed. [Reported by OBATA Akio]



  • Improvements
    • Added Gtk::StackSwitcher?.
    • Supported interrupt in Gtk.main.
    • Supported interrupt in Gtk::Dialog#run. [Reported by Carlo E. Prelz]
    • Added initialization with Gdk::RGBA value. [GitHub#231] [Patch by Detlef Reichl]
    • Added Gtk::Window#set_titlebar (enable the use of Gtk::HeaderBar?). [GitHub#236] [Patch by tescorg]
    • Updated sample scripts. [Patch by kitachro]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed memory leak of Gtk::Image. [GitHub#252] [Reported by Michel Boaventura]


  • Improvements
    • Fixed wrong property value on ppc64 and s390x. [GitHub#256] [Reported by mtasaka]


  • Improvements
    • Added gstreamer.rb for Bundler's autoload. [GitHub#232] [Reported by saepia]
    • Added Caps.any and Caps.empty.
    • Supported property for Gst::ChildProxy. [GitHub#233] [Reported by saepia]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that Gst.init is failed. [GitHub#232] [Reported by saepia]


  • Improvements
    • Install Poppler with --with-glib option for Homebrew. [GitHub#237] [Reported by Colin Dean]
    • Removed needless `--with-glib` option. Now, it is the default. [rabbit-shocker/rabbit#24] [Reported by Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA]


  • Improvements
    • Added clutter-gstreamer.rb to support Bundler's autoload.


  • Removed.


  • OBATA Akio
  • Carlo E. Prelz
  • cosmo0920
  • Detlef Reichl
  • saepia
  • tescorg
  • Colin Dean
  • Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
  • kitachro
  • Michel Boaventura
  • mtasaka
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