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News (2021-07-16 No.1)

Ruby-GNOME 3.4.5 has been released!

Posted by kou on 2021-07-16 (Fri) 21:35:45

This is a release that supports implementing virtual functions in Ruby.



  • Improvements
    • Added GError domain and code for Ruby.


  • Improvements
    • GObjectIntrospection::BaseInfo#container: Added.
    • GObjectIntrospection::ObjectInfo#class_struct: Added.
    • GObjectIntrospection::StructInfo#find_field: Added.
    • RVAL2GI_VFUNC_INFO(): Added.
    • Added support for implementing virtual functions in Ruby. [GitHub#1386][Based on patch by Yuto Tokunaga]

      You need to define virtual_do_#{virtual_function_name} method in type_register-ed class.

    • Added support for implementing virtual functions of interface in Ruby. [GitHub#985][Reported by Matijs van Zuijlen] [GitHub#1938][Reported by Yuto Tokunaga]
    • Added support for "transfer everything" UTF-8 return/output value.
    • Changed to accepted one character for gunichar. [GitHub#1426][Reported by rubyFeedback]
    • GObjectIntrospection::CallableInfo#can_throw_gerror?: Added.
    • Added support for GError ** in callback.
    • Added support for returning GList<GObject *> from callback.
    • Changed to return [] for NULL list.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that wrong type information is used for output arguments.


  • Added support for PangoFT2.
  • Added support for PangoFc.
  • Added support for PangoOT.
  • Added support for PangoCairoFontMaps.
  • Updated gem metadata. [GitHub#1428][Patch by Gabriel Mazetto]


  • Yuto Tokunaga
  • Matijs van Zuijlen
  • rubyFeedback
  • Gabriel Mazetto
Last modified:2021/07/17 06:35:45