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class Pango::Fontset

A Pango::Fontset represents a set of Pango::Font to use when rendering text. It is the result of resolving a Pango::FontDescription against a particular Pango::Context. It has operations for finding the component font for a particular Unicode character, and for finding a composite set of metrics for the entire fontset.

Instance Methods

Returns the font in the fontset that contains the best glyph for the unicode character wc.
Get overall metric information for the fonts in the fontset.
each{|fontset, font| ... }
Iterates through all the fonts in a fontset, calling block for each one. If block returns true, that stops the iteration. Since 1.4
  • {|fontset, font| ... }: A block. if the result is true, stop iteration immediately.
  • Returns: self


  • 2005-10-21 Added supported version(#each) - Masao
  • 2005-10-14 Added. - Masao
Last modified:2008/04/10 11:01:33
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