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class Pango::TabArray

A Pango::TabArray structure contains an array of tab stops. Each tab stop has an alignment and a position.

Class Methods, positions_in_pixels=true);
  • initial_size: Initial number of tab stops to allocate, can be 0
  • positions_in_pixels: whether positions are in pixel units
  • Returns: the newly allocated Pango::TabArray

Instance Methods

  • Returns: self: FIXME
  • Returns: self: FIXME
  • Returns: self: FIXME
set_tab(0, Pango::TAB_LEFT, width)
Before applying the tab array, you need to add the width.
  • 0: refers to the first element in the Pango::TabArray, the only one that should ever exist.
  • Pango::TAB_LEFT - must always be specified; it is the only constant in (Tab Align)
  • width: the width of the tab in pixels
  • Returns: self: FIXME ???
  • Returns: self: FIXME
  • Returns: self: FIXME