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Ruby-GNOME2 API Reference - History

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= Ruby-GNOME2 API Reference
These documents are the Ruby version of the ((<GNOME 2.0 API Reference|URL:>)):

== Core libraries
the low-level core library that forms the basis

a set of interfaces for accessibility

layout and rendering of text, with an emphasis on internationalization

image loading and manipulation

An intermediate layer which isolates GTK+ from the details of the windowing system.

GUI widgets

== Extra libraries
containing extra widgets

a widget for creating interactive structured graphics

a process-transparent configuration database, like Registry

letting applications seamlessly access remote and local files

:((<"Ruby/GStreamer">)) (not available)
mulimedia framework for Audio/Video

a HTML widget

3D rendering using OpenGL

a Text widget with syntax highlighting and other features typical of a source code editor.

a widget embedding a Mozilla Gecko renderer.

handles the drawing capabilities

:((<"Ruby/Libgda">)) (not available)
an interface to the GDA(GNU Data Access) architecture to access data sources such as Databases, LDAP.

gives applications the ability to load user interfaces from XML files at runtime. the XML files are created with GLADE user interface builder.

:((<"Ruby/PanelApplet">)) (deprecated):((<"Ruby/PanelApplet">))
panel applets library for the GNOME panel. Deprecated. Use As an alternativ Gtk::StatusIcon in Ruby/GTK instead.may be used.


GUIs for printing

rendering of SVG vector graphics.

rendering of PDF.

a terminal emulator widget.

== Nightly tarball
A nightly snapshot of the Ruby-GNOME2 API Reference (RD format) is also available as a tarball:

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