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rbbr - Ruby Browser

rbbr is an application to browse modules/classes hierarchy and their constants and methods.

Screen Shots



  1. Install Racc, Ruby-GetText-Package, ri, ReFe. (Optional)
  2. De-Compress ruby-gnome2-api.tar.gz(Optional) and rbbr's archive
  3. Copy ruby-gnome2-api/* to (rbbr's top directory)/data/rbbr/rd/*(Optional)
  4. Go to rbbr's top directory and type:
$ ruby install.rb config
$ ruby install.rb setup
($ su)
$ ruby install.rb install

You can also install files in your favorite directory by supplying install.rb some options. Try "ruby install.rb --help".

How to get Ruby-GNOME2 API Reference

You can get the newest(nightly) archive from:


And you can use it to overwrite the old data which was installed in (shared-data-dir)/rbbr/rd/.


Runs rbbr

Linux, *BSD, Cygwin

Run the following command:

$ rbbr

MS Windows(except Cygwin)
(Double or Single)Click ruby-install-dir\bin\rbbr.rbw from Explorer.

If you get an error of ri/rdoc, you need to make document files for ri.

$ rdoc --ri

Run "rdoc --help" for more details.

How to find classes/modules

Basic Search

Enter "gtk::widget" to the search text box and click "Search" button. Then you can find Gtk::Widget, Gtk::Widget::Flags, Gtk::Widget::HelpType, .....

Cases are ignored.

Regular expressions

You can use regular expressions as the search words. For example, you want to find "Gtk::Widget" only, enter "Gtk::Widget$" to the text box.

Method Search

You can find a class/module with a method. e.g.) "Gtk.main", "Gtk main" "Gtk#main" #=> Find Gtk.main


This program is free software. You can distribute/modify this program under the terms of the Ruby Distribute License.

Last modified:2011/06/05 22:48:50