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There is some sample code that for old versions. We want to rewrite these sample codes.

If it doesn't work, please try the following workaround:

gem "glib2", "<= 1.2.6"
gem "gstreamer", "<= 1.2.6"
require "gst"


% gem install glib2 -v 1.2.6
% gem install gstreamer -v 1.2.6

Click here for related information. This is a sample code for new versions.



GStreamer is a framework for creating streaming media applications. GStreamer's development framework makes it possible to write any type of streaming multimedia application. The GStreamer framework is designed to make it easy to write applications that handle either audio or video or both.

This tutorial is written from the GStreamer Application Development Manual by Laurent Sansonetti. Original work is copyrighted by several people: Wim Taymans, Steve Baker and Andy Wingo.

Last modified:2013/08/18 04:20:36
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