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module Gda

The Gda module.

Module Functions

Gda.init(app_id, version)
Initializes the Ruby/Libgda library, using arguments from the command line.
  • version: revision number of the program.
  • app_id: name of the program.
  • Returns: always nil.
Gda.main { ... }
Runs the GDA main loop, which is nothing more than the Bonobo main loop, but with internally added stuff specific for applications using libgda. You can specify a block code to be called after everything has been correctly initialized (that is, for initializing your own stuff). In this case, Gda.main_quit method will be called at the end of the block.
  • Returns: always nil.
Exits the main loop.
  • Returns: always nil.
Gda.sql_replace_placeholders(sql, params)
Replaces the placeholders (:name) in the given SQL command with the values from the Gda::ParameterList specified as the params argument.
  • sql: a SQL command containing placeholders for values.
  • params: a list of values for the placeholders, as a Gda::ParameterList object.
  • Returns: the SQL string with all placeholders replaced, or nil on error.

- lrz