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class Gda::Command

The Gda::Command object holds data needed to issue a command to the providers. Applications usually create a Gda::Command (via, set its properties and pass it over to the database using the Gda::Connection methods.

One interesting thing about Gda::Command's is that they can be reused over and over. That is, applications don't need to create a command every time they want to run something on the connected database. Moreover, the ability to create command strings with placeholders allows the use of parameters to specify the values for those placeholders. Thus, an application can create a command of the form:

INSERT INTO employees VALUES (id, name, address, salary)

and reuse the same command over and over, just using different values for the placeholders.

The value for the placeholders is specified when sending the Gda::Command to a database connection, which is done via the Gda::Connection#execute_command method.

Class Methods, type, options=Gda::Command::OPTION_STOP_ON_ERRORS)
Creates a new Gda::Command from the parameters. If there are conflicting options, this will set options to Gda::Command::DEFAULT_OPTION.

Instance Methods

This method returns the command type (see GdaCommandType).
Sets the command type.
  • type: the command type (see GdaCommandType).
  • Returns: the given parameter 'type'.
This method returns options of the command (see GdaCommandOptions).
Sets command options.
Sets the command type.
Sets command options.
Sets the text of the command.
  • text: the command text.
  • Returns: self.
Sets the GdaTransaction associated with the command.
This method returns the text of the command.
  • Returns: the text of the command.
Sets the text of the command.
  • text: the command text.
  • Returns: the given parameter 'text'.
Synonym for Gda::Command#text.
  • Returns: the text of the command.
This method returns the Gda::Transaction object associated with the command.
Sets the GdaTransaction associated with the command.
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