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class Gdk::Atom

Gdk::Atom is an opaque type representing a string as an index into a table of strings on the X server

Each window under X can have any number of associated properties attached to it. Properties are arbitrary chunks of data identified by atoms. (An atom is a numeric index into a string table on the X server. They are used to transfer strings efficiently between clients without having to transfer the entire string.) A property has an associated type, which is also identified using an atom.

Class Methods
Creates a new Gdk::Atom.
  • atom: an Atom value(Integer)
  • Returns: a new Gdk::Atom
Gdk::Atom.intern(atom_name, only_if_exists)
Finds or creates an atom corresponding to a given string.
  • atom_name: a string.
  • only_if_exists: if true, do not create a new atom, but just return the atom if it already exists.
  • Returns: the atom corresponding to atom_name, or, if only_if_exists is true, and an atom does not already exists for the string, Gdk::Atom::NONE. Currently, the flag is ignored, since checking the existance of an atom is as expensive as creating it.
  • Returns: self

Instance Methods

Checks if two atoms are equal.
  • Returns: true if two atoms are equal.
Determines the string corresponding to an atom.
  • Returns: a string corresponding to atom.
Gets the value of Gdk::Atom.