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Class Methods, title="Gnome::PrintDialog", flags=Gnome::PrintDialog::RANGE|Gnome::PrintDialog::COPIES)

Create a new Gnome::PrintDialog window.

The following options flags are available:

  • job: Gnome::PrintJob or nil
  • title: Title of window.
  • flags: Options for created widget.
  • Returns: A newly created and initialised widget.

Instance Methods

Install a custom range specification widget.
  • widget: A widget which will be placed in a "Range" frame in the main display.
  • Returns: nil
construct_range_any(flags, widget, current_label, range_label)
Create a generic range area within the print range dialogue. The flags field contains a mask of which options you wish displayed:
  • flags: Options flags, which ranges are displayed.
  • widget: Widget to display for the range option.
  • current_label: Label to display next to the 'current page' button.
  • range_label: Label to display next to the 'range' button.
  • Returns: nil
construct_range_page(flags, start, end, current_label, range_label)
Construct a generic page/sheet range area.
  • flags: Option flags. See Gnome::PrintDialog#construct_range_any.
  • start: First page which may be printed.
  • end: Last page which may be printed.
  • current_label: Label text for current option.
  • range_label: Label text for range option.
  • Returns: nil
Retrieves the number of copies and collation indicator from the print dialogue. If the print dialogue does not have a copies indicator, then a default of 1 copy is returned.
  • Returns: An array of the number of copies and collation flag.
Return the range option selected by the user. This is a bitmask with only 1 bit set, out of:
  • Returns: A bitmask with one option set.
Retrieves the user choice for range type and range, if the user has requested a range of pages to print.
  • Returns: An array of the user-specified start page, the user-specified end page and a bitmask with the user-selection set. See Gnome::PrintDialog#range for bitmask.

Runs a Gnome::PrintDialog.

Note: this routine does not destroy the dialog!

  • Returns: The user response
set_copies(copies, collate)
Sets the print copies and collation status in the print dialogue.
  • copies: New number of copies.
  • collate: New collation status.
  • Returns: nil
Sets the Printing Configuration to be used.
  • print_config: Printing Configuration to be used
  • Returns: print_config
Same as Gnome::PrintDialog#print_config=.
  • print_config: Printing Configuration to be used
  • Returns: self


print-config: gpointer (Write)
Printing Configuration to be used


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