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class Gtk::Tooltips

Tooltips are the messages that appear next to a widget when the mouse pointer is held over it for a short amount of time. They are especially helpful for adding more verbose descriptions of things such as buttons in a toolbar.

An individual tooltip belongs to a group of tooltips. A group is created with a call to Every tooltip in the group can then be turned off with a call to Gtk::Tooltips#disable and enabled with Gtk::Tooltips#enable.

To assign a tip to a particular Gtk::Widget, Gtk::Tooltips#set_tip is used.

Note: Tooltips can only be set on widgets which have their own X window. To check if a widget has its own window use Gtk::Widget#no_window?. To add a tooltip to a widget that doesn't have its own window, place the widget inside a Gtk::EventBox and add a tooltip to that instead.

The default appearance of all tooltips in a program is determined by the current GTK+ theme that the user has selected.

Information about the tooltip (if any) associated with an arbitrary widget can be retrieved using Gtk::Tooltips.get_data.

Class Methods
Creates an empty group of tooltips. This method initialises a Gtk::Tooltips structure. Without at least one such structure, you can not add tips to your application.
Retrieves any GtkTooltipsData([widget, tip_text, tip_private]) previously associated with the given widget.
  • widget: a Gtk::Widget.
  • Returns: [widget, tip_text, tip_private], or nil if the widget has no tooltip.

Instance Methods

Causes all tooltips in tooltips to become inactive. Any widgets that have tips associated with that group will no longer display their tips until they are enabled again with Gtk::Tooltips#enable.
  • Returns: self
Allows the user to see your tooltips as they navigate your application.
  • Returns: self
Adds a tooltip containing the message tip_text to the specified Gtk::Widget. widget: the Gtk::Widget you wish to associate the tip with. tip_text: a string containing the tip itself. tip_private: a string of any further information that may be useful if the user gets stuck.
Ensures that the window used for displaying the given tooltips is created. Applications should never have to call this method, since GTK+ takes care of this.

See Also

  • Gtk::Toolbar - Create groups of widgets with their own tooltips.

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