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class Gtk::Scrollbar

The Gtk::Scrollbar widget is an abstract base class for Gtk::HScrollbar and Gtk::VScrollbar. It is not very useful in itself.

The position of the thumb in a scrollbar is controlled by the scroll adjustments. See Gtk::Adjustment for the fields in an adjustment - for Gtk::Scrollbar, the "value" field represents the position of the scrollbar, which must be between the "lower" field and "upper - page_size." The "page_size" field represents the size of the visible scrollable area. The "step_increment" and "page_increment" fields are used when the user asks to step down (using the small stepper arrows) or page down (using for example the PageDown key).

Style Properties

fixed-slider-length: true or false (Read)
Don't change slider size, just lock it to the minimum length
has-backward-stepper: true or false (Read)
Display the standard backward arrow button
has-forward-stepper: true or false (Read)
Display the standard forward arrow button
has-secondary-backward-stepper: true or false (Read)
Display a second backward arrow button on the opposite end of the scrollbar
has-secondary-forward-stepper: true or false (Read)
Display a secondary forward arrow button on the opposite end of the scrollbar
min-slider-length: Integer (Read)
Minimum length of scrollbar slider

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  • 2006-01-26 Added Style properties. Masao?
Last modified:2008/04/06 03:58:06
References:[Gtk::HScrollbar] [Gtk::ScrolledWindow] [Gtk::VScrollbar] [Gtk::Layout] [Gtk::Range] [Gtk::Scrollbar] [Gtk::Adjustment]