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module Gdk::Threads

For thread safety, GDK relies on the thread primitives in GLib, and on the thread-safe GLib main loop.

GLib is completely thread safe (all global data is automatically locked), but individual data structure instances are not automatically locked for performance reasons.

GTK+ is "thread aware" but not thread safe --- it provides a global lock controlled by Gdk::Threads.enter/Gdk::Threads.leave which protects all use of GTK+. That is, only one thread can use GTK+ at any given time.

In Ruby/GTK, you should use Ruby-Thread instead of Gdk::Threads. It's a wellknown issue what ruby thread doesn't work well with Native-Thread. Almost of all case, Ruby-Thread works well and you don't need call these functions in Ruby.

On the other hands, you may need to call these functions of Gdk::Threads when it's required by native libraries.

Module Functions

Initializes GDK so that it can be used from multiple threads in conjunction with Gdk::Threads.enter and Gdk::Threads.leave. This call must be made before any use of the main loop from GTK+; to be safe, call it before Gtk.init.
  • Returns: self
This macro marks the beginning of a critical section in which GDK and GTK+ functions can be called. Only one thread at a time can be in such a critial section.
  • Returns: self
Leaves a critical region begun with Gdk::Threads.enter.
  • Returns: self
Gdk::Threads.synchronize{ ... }
This is same as Gdk::Threads.enter; ... ; Gdk::Threads.leave.
  • { ... }: a block of critical section
  • Returns: self


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