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class Gtk::FileChooserDialog

Gtk::FileChooserDialog is a dialog box suitable for use with "File/Open" or "File/Save as" commands. This widget works by putting a Gtk::FileChooserWidget inside a Gtk::Dialog. It includes the Gtk::FileChooser module, so you can use all of the Gtk::FileChooser methods on the file chooser dialog as well as those for Gtk::Dialog. <URL:>

Note that Gtk::FileChooserDialog does not have any methods of its own. Instead, you should use the methods that work on a Gtk::FileChooser.

Example of typical usage

In the simplest of cases, you can use Gtk::FileChooserDialog as in the following code:

dialog ="Open File",
                                     [Gtk::Stock::CANCEL, Gtk::Dialog::RESPONSE_CANCEL],
                                     [Gtk::Stock::OPEN, Gtk::Dialog::RESPONSE_ACCEPT])

if == Gtk::Dialog::RESPONSE_ACCEPT
  puts "filename = #{dialog.filename}"

Warning, there are some encoding issues with the #filename method.

Class Methods = nil, parent = nil, action = nil, backend = nil, [button_face1, response_id1], [button_face2, response_id2], ...)
Creates a new Gtk::FileChooserDialog. Since 2.4
  • title: Title of the dialog, or nil
  • parent: Transient parent of the dialog, or nil
  • action: Open or save mode for the dialog(Gtk::FileChooser::Action)
  • backend: The name of the specific filesystem backend to use or nil. (e.g.) "gnome-vfs"
  • [button_face1, response_id1], [button_face2, response_id2], ...: Button face/response ID pairs should be listed.
    • button_face: Button face can be either a stock ID(Gtk::Stock constants) such as Gtk::Stock::OK, or some arbitrary text.
    • response_id: A response ID can be any positive number, or one of the values in the Gtk::Dialog#ResponseType enumeration. If the user clicks one of these dialog buttons, Gtk::Dialog will emit the "response" signal with the corresponding response ID. If a Gtk::Dialog receives the "delete_event" signal, it will emit "response" with a response ID of Gtk::Dialog::RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT. However, destroying a dialog does not emit the "response" signal; so be careful relying on "response" when using the Gtk::Dialog::DESTROY_WITH_PARENT flag. Buttons are from left to right, so the first button in the list will be the leftmost button in the dialog.
  • Returns: a new Gtk::FileChooserDialog
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