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class Pango::FontMap

The Pango::FontMap represents the set of fonts available for a particular rendering system. This is a virtual object with implementations being specific to particular rendering systems.

Instance Methods

load_font(context, desc)
Load the font in the fontmap that is the closest match for desc.
load_fontset(context, desc, language)
Load a set of fonts in the fontmap that can be used to render a font matching desc.
Gets all families for a fontmap.
Returns the render ID for shape engines for this fontmap. See the render_type field of Pango::EngineInfo?. Since 1.4
  • Returns: the ID string for shape engines for this fontmap.


  • 2005-10-13 Added. - Masao?
Zuletzt geändert:2005/11/17 02:43:42
Referenzen:[Gnome::PrintPango] [Pango::FontMap] [Pango::Font] [Gtk::PrintContext] [Pango::Context]