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class Gtk::RecentChooserWidget

Gtk::RecentChooserWidget is a widget suitable for selecting recently used files. It is the main building block of a Gtk::RecentChooserDialog. Most applications will only need to use the latter; you can use Gtk::RecentChooserWidget as part of a larger window if you have special needs.

Note that Gtk::RecentChooserWidget does not have any methods of its own. Instead, you should use the methods that work on a Gtk::RecentChooser?.

Recently used files are supported since GTK+ 2.10.

Included Modules

  • Gtk::RecentChooser?

Class Methods = nil)
Creates a new Gtk::RecentChooserWidget object. This is an embeddable widget used to access the recently used resources list. Since 2.10
  • manager: a Gtk::RecentManager? or nil. This is useful if you have implemented your own recent manager, or if you have a customized instance of a Gtk::RecentManager? object.
  • Returns: a new Gtk::RecentChooserWidget

See Also

Gtk::RecentChooser?, Gtk::RecentChooserDialog


  • 2007-01-30 Added. - Masao?
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Referencias:[Gtk::RecentChooserWidget] [Gtk::RecentChooserDialog] [Gtk::RecentChooserMenu]