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class Gtk::TextTagTable

A Gtk::TextTagTable defines a set of tags that can be used together. Each Gtk::TextBuffer has one tag table associated with it; only tags from that tag table can be used with the buffer. A single tag table can be shared between multiple buffers, however.

Class Methods
Creates a new Gtk::TextTagTable. The table contains no tags by default.

Instance Methods

Add a tag to the table. The tag is assigned the highest priority in the table. tag must not be in a tag table already, and may not have the same name as an already-added tag.
each {|tag| ... }
Calls block on each tag in table.
Look up a named tag.
  • name: name of a tag
  • Returns: Gtk::TextTag, or nil if none by that name is in the table.
Remove a tag from the table. This will remove the table's reference to the tag, so be careful - the tag will end up destroyed if you don't have a reference to it.
Returns the size of the table (number of tags)
  • Returns: the size of the table


tag-added: self, tag
tag-changed: self, tag, size_changed
tag-removed: self, tag
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Referencias:[Gtk::SourceTagTable] [Gtk::TextTag] [Gtk::TextTagTable] [Gtk::TextBuffer]