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class Gdk::GLContext

Rendering Context - OpenGL rendering context object

Class Methods, share_list, direct, render_type)
Creates a new OpenGL rendering context.
Returns the current Gdk::GLContext.
  • Returns: the current Gdk::GLContext or nil if there is no current context.

Instance Methods

Gets the Gdk::GLDrawable to which the context is bound.
Gets the Gdk::GLConfig with which the context is configured.
Gets the Gdk::GLContext with which the context shares the display lists and texture objects.
Returns whether the context is a direct rendering context.
Gets the render_type of the context.
Destroys the OpenGL resources associated with the context.
copy(src, mask)
Copy state from src rendering context to the context. mask contains the bitwise-OR of the same symbolic names that are passed to the GL.PushAttrib() function. You can use GL::ALL_ATTRIB_BITS to copy all the rendering state information.
  • src: the source Gdk::GLContext.
  • Returns: false if it fails, true otherwise.
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Références:[Gdk::GLDrawable] [Gtk::Widget] [Gdk::GLContext]