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module Gtk::CellEditable

The Gtk::CellEditable interface must be implemented for widgets to be usable when editing the contents of a Gtk::TreeView cell.

It is implemented by Gtk::Entry, Gtk::ComboBox, Gtk::SpinButton and Gtk::ComboBoxEntry.

Included Modules

  • GLib::Interface?

Instance Methods

Begins editing on a cell_editable. event is the Gdk::Event that began the editing process. It may be nil, in the instance that editing was initiated through programatic means.
Emits the "editing_done" signal. This signal is a sign for the cell renderer to update it's value from the cell.
  • Returns: self
Emits the "remove_widget" signal. This signal is meant to indicate that the cell is finished editing, and the widget may now be destroyed.
  • Returns: self


  • 2007-02-03 Revised. - Masao?
  • 2006-01-31 Revised. - Masao?
Dernière modification:2011/06/09 07:31:37
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