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Class Methods
Creates a new Gtk::TreeModel, with child_model as the child_model.

Instance Methods

Returns the model the Gtk::TreeModelSort is sorting.
  • Returns: the "child model" being sorted
Sets the model of the Gtk::TreeModelSort to be child_model. If child_model is nil, then the old model is unset. The sort method is unset as a result of this call. This method is for construct time only. The model will be in an unsorted state until a sort method is set.
Same as Gtk::TreeModelSort#model=.
Converts child_path to a path relative to the Gtk::TreeModelSort. That is, child_path points to a path in the child model. The returned path will point to the same row in the sorted model. If child_path isn't a valid path on the child model, then nil is returned.
Gets a Gtk::TreeIter which point to the row in the Gtk::TreeModelSort that corresponds to the row pointed at by child_iter.
Converts sorted_path to a path on the child model of the Gtk::TreeModelSort. That is, sorted_path points to a location in the Gtk::TreeModelSort. The returned path will point to the same location in the model not being sorted. If sorted_path does not point to a location in the child model, nil is returned.
Gets a Gtk::TreeIter which point to the row pointed to by sorted_iter.
This resets the default sort function to be in the 'unsorted' state. That is, it is in the same order as the child model. It will re-sort the model to be in the same order as the child model only if the Gtk::TreeModelSort is in 'unsorted' state.
  • Returns: self
This method should almost never be called. It clears the Gtk::TreeModelSort of any cached iterators that haven't been reffed by GTK+. This might be useful if the child model being sorted is static (and doesn't change often) and there has been a lot of unreffed access to nodes. As a side effect of this method, all unreffed iters will be invalid.
  • Returns: self


model: Gtk::TreeModel (Read/Write)
The model for the TreeModelSort to sort
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