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module GLib::LoadableIcon

Extends the GLib::Icon interface and adds the ability to load icons from streams.

Instance Methods

load(size, cancellable = nil)
Loads a loadable icon. For the asynchronous version of this function, see GLib::LoadableIcon#load_async.
  • size: An integer
  • cancellable: Optional GLib::Cancellable object, nil to ignore
  • Returns: An Array containing a GLib::InputStream to read the icon from and a String containing the type of the loaded icon
load_async(size, cancellable = nil){ |result| }
Loads an icon asynchronously. To finish this function, see GLib::LoadableIcon#load_finish. For the synchronous, blocking version of this function, see GLib::LoadableIcon#load.
load_finish(icon, res, *type)
Finishes an asynchronous icon load started in GLib::LoadableIcon#load_async.
Last modified:2010/12/27 21:59:23
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