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Ruby Home Page
Ruby homepage. Good jump-off for ruby releated projects and info.
GTK+ - The GIMP Toolkit
GTK+ website. Good tutorial and excellent API refs at a C level.
GNOME - Computing made easy
Website for the GNOME project. Lots of info on GNOME and GTK+.
gtk2 on cygwin
Cygwin binaries of GTK+, GNOME and other libraries. And also Ruby-GNOME2 binaries for cygwin.
GTK+ and GIMP for Windows
You'll need these if you want the native Win32 GTK+ dll files.
GLADE for Windows
Yet another website which provide Win32 GTK+ binaries with a very nice installer.
Ruby-GNOME2 RPMS by Vee Satayamas
This is a private RPMS for Ruby-GNOME2.
Last modified:2011/06/11 09:34:26