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Ruby/GtkSourceView 0.2.0 released!

Posted by lrz on 2004-05-16 (Sun) 10:35:10

Ruby/GtkSourceView 0.2.0 is out.

Ruby/GtkSourceView is a Ruby binding for the GtkSourceView C library. It is part of the Ruby-GNOME2 project. Ruby/GtkSourceView was initially created by Geoff Youngs, and is now maintained by myself.

This release fixes several bugs (memory-related for some), brings more compliance to the Ruby-GNOME2 design guidelines, wraps more classes/methods and provides API reference documentation.


API reference


  • Include special headers from 0.7.1 (Archit Baweja)
  • Fixed memory leaks (Masao Mutoh)
  • Adapted the interface to follow the Ruby-GNOME2 design guidelines (Laurent Sansonetti, Masao Mutoh)
  • Added classes/methods and improved existing one (Laurent Sansonetti, Masao Mutoh)
  • Fixed several bugs (Laurent Sansonetti, Masao Mutoh)
  • Added API reference documentation (Laurent Sansonetti)


Last modified:2004/05/16 19:37:47