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Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer

Posted by Masao on 2007-02-12 (Mon) 13:12:39

I released the new Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer.

This will be replaced current win32 binary package ( This is the alpha release. Let's try and report bugs.


Includes GTK2(gladewin32) and some other libraries.

You don't need to install gladewin32 by yourself. This must reduce almost of all installation problems and provide a easy/simple installation process.

Avoid DLL conflict

This installer doesn't set PATH environment forcely(as a option). And each Ruby-GNOME2 libraries find GTK2 libraries which this installer has. So this doesn't effect other GTK2 based applications which include GTK2 itself and other GTK2 libararies doesn't effect Ruby-GNOME2.

Included Ruby-GNOME2 libraries

Same as
  • Ruby/GLib2
  • Ruby/ATK
  • Ruby/Pango
  • Ruby/GdkPixbuf2
  • Ruby/GTK2
  • Ruby/Libglade2
  • Ruby/GtkGLExt
  • Ruby/Libart2
  • Ruby/GnomeCanvas2
  • Ruby/GnomePrint2
  • Ruby/GnomePrintUI2
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView
  • Ruby/RSVG2
  • rcairo-1.2.6
  • Glade2, GtkThemeSelector and other development tools included gladewin32.
Last modified:2007/02/12 22:16:03