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News (2016-04-04 No.1)

Ruby-GNOME2 3.0.8 has been released!

Posted by kou on 2016-04-04 (Mon) 13:31:48

It's a release that improves GTK+ 3 support.



  • Droped Ruby 2.0.0 support.
  • Travis: use Trusty beta image. [Patch by Hiroshi Hatake]
  • Added AltLinux to supported OSes. [Patch by Malo Skrylevo]


  • Improvements
    • Added RVAL2CSTR_RAW.
    • Supported, type).
    • Added GLib::Regex? class. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Supported more variant types in rbg_variant_to_ruby. [Patch by Aurélien Jacobs]
    • Supported array in rg_ruby_to_variant. [Patch by Aurélien Jacobs]
    • Added GLib::Regex#split?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#match?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo? class. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#max_backref?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#capture_count?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#has_cr_or_lf??. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#max_lookbehind?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#string_number?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex.escape_string?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#match??. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#match_all?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#split?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#replace?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#check_replacement?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::Regex#replace_eval?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#partial_match?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#fetch?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#[]?.
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#fetch_pos?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#fetch_position?.
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#fetch_all?. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added GLib::MatchInfo#next?. [Patch by cedlemo]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that raw string is converted to UTF-8.
    • Fixed handling of 64 bits FIXNUM variant initialization.


  • Improvements
    • Supported allocated output parameter.
    • Supported dynamic callback.
    • Supported enum as output value.
    • Added function type name in error message.
    • Added RB_ZALLOC.
    • Supported freeing GType-ed union. [GitHub#700][Reported by cedlemo]
    • Added GI::Repository#get_version.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that block is always ignored in singleton method. [ruby-gnome2-devel-ja][Reported by Yuuki Harano]


  • Improvements
    • Supported => [...]. [GitHub#519][Reported by Mamoru TASAKA]
    • Started to use dynamic callback.


  • Improvements
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_text?. [ruby-gnome2-devel-en][Reported by Detlef Reichl]
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_contents?.
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_image?.
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_targets?.
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_rich_text?.
    • Supported Gtk::Clipboard#request_uris?.
    • Updated main demo application. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated and finished sample tutorial. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Supported Gtk::TreeModel#set_sort_func. [GitHub#596][Reported by Christopher L. Ramsey]
    • Supported Gtk::Box#set_child_packing. [GitHub#602][Reported by Ibrahim Tencer]
    • Updated stack demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added scale demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated theming style classes demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Created entry buffer demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Made Gtk::EntryBuffer#new? more rubyish. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added markup demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added headerbar demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated css accordion demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added pickers demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated links demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added overlay demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added textmask demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added sidebar demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated spinner demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated entry completion demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added revealer demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated expander demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added overlay2 demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated colorsel demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • rbgobj_gc_mark_instance has to be called for the Gtk::TreeSelection. [Patch by Hiroyuki Ito]
    • Updated css basics demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Made Gtk::TreeModel#iter_nth_child and Gtk::TreeModel#iter_children work like #get_value.
    • Added methods to Gtk::TreeIter:

      [Patch by Hiroyuki Ito]

    • Added support for Gtk::TreeSelection. [Patch by dutchhome]
    • Updated builder demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated css pixbufs demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated button box demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Created css shadows demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated infobar demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added support for MenuPositionFunc in Gtk::Menu#popup. [GitHub#61][Reported by Abby Archer]
    • Made Gtk::Widget#translate_coordinates more rubyish. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added support for EntryCompletionMatchFunc. [Patch by Hiroyuki Ito]
    • Updated iconview edit demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated sizegroup demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated cursors demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Made Gtk::MenuItem#new like Gtk::CheckMenuItem#new. [Patch by Hiroyuki Ito]
    • Move the #set_values implementation to Gtk::TreeModel instead of Gtk::ListStore. [GitHub#659][Reported by detlef]
    • Updated search entry2 demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated menus demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated css multiplebgs demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added auto generated callback for AssistantPageFunc.
    • Added auto generated callback for BuilderConnectFunc.
    • Updated model button demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated dialog demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added another example sample for Gtk::TreeStore. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added the methods:

      [Patch by cedlemo]

    • Added Gtk::TreeIter#first_child. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated filtermodel demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated popover demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Supported Gtk::Builder#connect_signals.
    • Added new sample icons-theme-viewer.rb. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Added new sample menus_from_resources.rb. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated printing demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated assistant demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated panes demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • Updated font features demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
  • Fixes:


  • Improvements:
    • Removed needless POPPLER_TYPE_ORIENTATION binding. [GiHub#653][Reported by Rob Brackett]


  • Improvements:
    • Supported old WebKit2GTK+.


  • Detlef Reichl
  • Mamoru TASAKA
  • cedlemo
  • Christopher L. Ramsey
  • Hiroyuki Ito
  • dutchhome Jon Raiford
  • Rob Brackett
  • Abby Archer
  • Yuuki Harano
  • detlef
  • Aurélien Jacobs
  • Hiroshi Hatake
  • Malo Skrylevo
Last modified:2016/04/04 22:31:49