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News (2016-11-13 No.1)

Ruby-GNOME2 3.1.0 has been released!

Posted by kou on 2016-11-13 (Sun) 07:58:33

It's a release that improves GObject Introspection based bindings.


  • Improvements
    • update README. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • fix format in README.
    • use pthread version of MinGW in
    • improve main Rakefile.
    • windows : update bundled versions.
  • Fixes
    • fix path in gem:windows:push in main Rakefile.
    • fix markup in NEWS file.
    • use Win32 thread again in
    • libmount is required for GLib on Linux.
    • install libgtk-3-dev explicitly.



  • Improvements
    • make Gio::SettingsSchemaSource#list_schemas Rubyish.
    • make Gio::Settings#set_value Rubyish.
    • support array like API for Gio::Settings.
    • Gio::ActionMap#add_action accepts :state
    • simplify, load Gio::File with GObject-Introspection loader.
    • simplify Gio::ContentType implementation.
  • Fixes
    • add missing required argument in test-settings-schema-source.rb.
    • add version check in Gio tests.
    • increase required version.
    • fix typo in action-map.rb. [Path by cedlemo]


  • Improvements
    • New implementation of GRClosure with new APIS:
      • RGClosureCallData
      • RGClosureCallFunc
      • rbgobj_set_signal_call_func()
      • rbgobj_get_signal_call_func()
      • g_rclosure_new_call()
    • support exit_application error message when no backtrace.
    • improve rbg_scan_options() performance
    • show all backtrace on GLib log. [GitHub#935][Suggested by Matijs van Zuijlen]
  • Fixes
    • windows:
      • Fix indent in windows-binary-build-task.rb.
      • Export glib2_binary_base_dir.
      • Remove needless "windows_" in methods name in windows-binary-build-task.rb.
      • add a debug argument for make command.
      • add GNOME2::Rake::WindowsBinaryBuildTask#binary_base_dir
    • fix a bug that SIGUSR1 breaks main loop. [GitHub#933][Reported by Vegard Sandengen]
    • fix error messages typo [Patch by dai-vr]
    • fix typo in rbgutil.c. [Patch by Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA]
    • fix style in rbglib_messages.c
    • remove needless check in rbglib_messages.c and extconf.rb


  • Improvements
  • Fixes
    • fix text_color_example.rb demo. [Patch by cedlemo]


  • Improvements
    • support GVariant string array to Ruby [Patch by Konstantinos Natsakis]
    • use g_variant_iter_init () to reduce dynamic memory allocation
    • support omitting allow-null arguments in middle of arguments
    • improve performance in callable-info.rb.
    • reduce needless method calls.
    • simplify invoke arguments in rb-gi-method-info.c, it improves performance.
    • support "can_be_" as predicate prefix.
    • improve performance calling a method. It catches data from info.
    • add GI.load shortcut for fast load.
  • Fixes
    • use short for 16bit Integer.
    • accept Array of numbers for gint8/guint8 array
    • wrong condition in function info arguments management.
    • use suitable type macros in ruby to C code from rb-gi-argument.c.
    • assign temporary Ruby object to local variable to guard from GC.
    • fix name conflict in rb-gi-argument.c. [Reported by kitone]
    • touch unrefed object in rb-gi-argument.c.
    • support array of UTF-8.
    • fill from last omitted arguments in function arguments loader.
    • add a missing all required case check in function arguments loader.
    • use rbg_variant_to_ruby in rb-gi-argument.c.
    • define unlock_gvl as info method.
    • fix typo in rb-gi-function-info.c.
    • don't fill missing arguments when given N arguments is less.
    • sink created GObject based object by default.
    • fix wrong default argument fill condition.
    • fix limit when loading arguments infos. [GitHub#895][Reported by cedlemo]
    • fix libffi return value handling. [GitHub#758][Reported by Mamoru TASAKA]
    • do not try to run a gtk demo when the user provide a bad demo name. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • focus on the related line in the TreeView when running demo from command line. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • do nothing for void type return type. [GitHub#952][Reported by cedlemo]
    • return value is return type is void but pointer.
    • windows : update patch support-external-g-ir-scanner.diff.



  • Improvements
    • support loading from file.
  • Fixes
    • fix dependency in Rakefile. [GitHub#862][Reported by Mamoru TASAKA]
    • add missing gio2 dependency in tests.
    • add missing variable in tests.
    • omit a test that failed by float error on i386 [GitHub#898][Reported by Mamoru TASAKA]


  • Improvements
    • support for Gtk::SpinButton::input signal. [GitHub#855][Reported cedlemo]
    • new gtk demo spinbutton. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • add demo search_entry.rb [Patch by cedlemo]
    • update gtk demos to use class form instead of module form. [Patches by cedlemo]
    • add listbox gtk demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • update editable_cells demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • add glarea demo. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • update transparent demo. [Patch by Arjun Menon]
    • update theming_style_classes demo. [Patch by Arjun Menon]
    • update textscroll demo. [Patch by Arjun Menon]
    • update stack demo. [Patch by Arjun Menon]
    • update spinbutton demo. [Patch by Arjun Menon]
    • create Gtk::TreeModel#create_filter as an alias of #filter_new.
  • Fixes
    • load demos as classes instead of modules in main.rb. [Patch by cedlemo]
    • enable Gtk::Rc? deprecation.
    • fix treemodelfilter sample issue.
    • force LC_NUMERIC to C when gtk3 is initialized. [Patch by cedlemo]


  • Improvements
  • Fixes
    • windows :
      • update dependencies in Rakefile and patches.
      • use Ubuntu 16.04 as build environment.
      • install jsmin


  • Improvements
  • Fixes
    • windows :
      • update Rakefile and patches.
      • support auto latest version detection.


  • Improvements
  • Fixes
    • add init hook as Clutter.on_init.
    • add Clutter and Gdk integration API.


  • Improvements
    • add clutter-gdk dependency.
  • Fixes
    • window-test.rb sample : use icons only included in the default theme.
    • remove needless pack method usage in test.rb sample.
    • follow improved API in event.rb sample.


  • Improvements
    • create a GObject-Introspection loader. [Patch by cedlemo]
  • Fixes
    • update description in README and in Rakefile.
    • remove needless code in Rakefile.
    • remove needless code in GObject-Introspection loader. ClutterGdk is part of Clutter.


  • Improvements
    • add Gst::Bin#each. [GitHub#927][Reported by cedlemo]
    • add only_gstreamer_version method.
  • Fixes
    • use post_load in order to use require_libraries.


  • Fixes
    • pango windows: remove needless patch.


  • Arjun Menon
  • cedlemo
  • dai-vr
  • Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
  • kitone
  • Konstantinos Natsakis
  • Mamoru TASAKA
  • Matijs van Zuijlen
  • Vegard Sandengen
Last modified:2016/11/13 16:58:33