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Status of Ruby/GLib

Status of Ruby/GLib

The status of Ruby/GLib(gobject)
Table of contentsClass/Module NameC Type2.0Comments
Enums and FlagsGLib::EnumGEnumO
Enums and FlagsGLib::FlagsGFlagsO
Generic Values--

Parameters and Values--

Varargs Value Collection--

GParamSpecGLib::ParamGParamSpec, etc#
Value arrays--

  • '-': not implemented yet.
  • '*': implemented but some methods/constants are not conforming to rules of Ruby-GNOME2.
  • '#': some methods/constants are implemented but incomplete.
  • 'O': done.
  • 'x': Obsolete or Don't implement
  • The status of Ruby/GLib(glib)
    Table of contentsClass/Module NameC Type2.
    Version InformationGLib-OOOOOOO
    Basic Types--xxxxxxx
    Limits of Basic TypesGLib-OOOOOOO
    Standard MacrosGLib-OOOOOOO
    Type Conversion Macros--xxxxxxx
    Byte Order Macros--xxxxxxx
    Numerical DefinitionsGLib-OOOOOOO Defined as String constants.
    Miscellaneous Macros--xxxxxxx
    Atomic Operations--xxxxxxx
    The Main Event LoopGLib::MainLoopGMainLoopOOOOOOO G_PRIORITY_* moves to GLib module.
    The Main Event LoopGLib::MainContextGMainContext#######
    The Main Event LoopGLib::SourceGSource####### Done except useless methods and g_source_set_funcs.
    The Main Event LoopGLib::Timeout-OOOOOOO As a module.
    The Main Event LoopGLib::Idle-OOOOOOO As a module.
    The Main Event LoopGLib::ChildWatch--OOOOOOO As a module.
    The Main Event LoopGLib::PollFDGPollFDOOOOOOO
    ThreadsGLib::ThreadGThread####### This may not work well with ruby-thread.
    Thread Pools---------
    Asynchronous Queues---------
    Dynamic Loading of Modules---------
    Memory Allocation--xxxxxxx
    IO ChannelsGLib::IOChannelGIOChannelOOOOOOO
    Error Reporting--xxxxxxx
    Message Output and Debugging Functions--xxxxxxx Don't need them.
    Message LoggingGLib::Log-OOOOOOO Implemented some useful functions only.
    String Utility Functions--xxxxxxx Use String class of Ruby
    Character Set Conversion--#######
    Unicode Manipulation--OOOOOOO
    Base64 Encoding-------xx Use base64 module of Ruby
    Data Checksums--------x Since 2.16. Use Digest module of Ruby
    Internationalization-------OO GLib.language_names only. Use Ruby-GetText-Package instead for other macros.
    Date and Time Functions--xxxxxxx Use Date class of Ruby. GTimeVal as [sec, usec].
    Random Numbers--xxxxxxx Use rand of Ruby
    Hook Functions---------
    Miscellaneous Utility Functions--xxxxxxx
    Lexical Scanner---------
    Automatic String CompletionGLib::CompletionGCompletionOOOOOOO Done except g_completion_set_compare().
    Spawning ProcessesGLib::Spawn-OOOOOOO As module
    Spawning ProcessesGLib::SpawnError-OOOOOOO
    File Utilities--xxxxxxx Use File class of Ruby
    URI Functions--------x Since 2.16. Use URI module of Ruby
    Shell-related UtilitiesGLib::Shell-OOOOOOO As module
    Commandline option parser--------- Since 2.6
    Glob-style pattern matching---------
    Perl-compatible regular expressions-------xx Since 2.14. Use Regex of Ruby
    Simple XML Subset Parser---------
    Key-value file parser---OOOOOO Since 2.6
    Bookmark file parser-------OO Since 2.6
    Testing--------x Since 2.16. Use Test::Unit of Ruby
    Windows Compatibility FunctionsOOOOOOOOO
    Memory Chunks--xxxxxxx
    Doubly-Linked Lists--xxxxxxx Use Array class of Ruby
    Singly-Linked Lists--xxxxxxx Use Array class of Ruby
    Double-ended Queues--xxxxxxx
    Sequences-------xx Since 2.14. Use Array class of Ruby
    Trash Stacks--xxxxxxx
    Hash Tables--xxxxxxx Use Hash class of Ruby
    Strings--xxxxxxx Use String class of Ruby
    String Chunks--xxxxxxx
    Pointer Arrays--xxxxxxx
    Byte Arrays--xxxxxxx
    Balanced Binary Trees--xxxxxxx
    N-ary Trees--xxxxxxx
    Keyed Data Lists--xxxxxxx
    Relations and Tuples--xxxxxxx
    Memory Allocators--xxxxxxx
  • '-': not implemented yet.
  • '*': implemented but some methods/constants are not conforming to rules of Ruby-GNOME2.
  • '#': some methods/constants are implemented but incomplete.
  • 'O': done.
  • 'x': Obsolete or Don't implement
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