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Status of Ruby/Libglade

The status of Ruby/Libglade
Table of contentsClass/Module NameC Type2.5Comments
Libglade InitialisationGladeXML-O
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::InterfaceGladeInterfacex
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::WidgetInfoGladeWidgetInfox
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::ChildInfoGladeChildInfox
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::PropertyGladePropertyx
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::SignalInfoGladeSignalInfox
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::AccelInfoGladeAccelInfox
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::AtkActionInfoGladeAtkActionInfox
Libglade SAX ParserGlade::AtkRelationInfoGladeAtkRelationInfox
Libglade BuildGladeXMLGladeXMLx Don't we need this?
  • '-': not implemented yet.
  • '*': implemented but some methods/constants are not conforming to rules of Ruby-GNOME2.
  • '#': some methods/constants are implemented but incomplete.
  • 'O': done.
  • 'x': Obsolete or Don't implement
  • Last modified:2011/06/11 09:29:03