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= class GLib::AppLaunchContext

Integrates the launch with the launching application. This is used to handle
for instance startup notification and launching the new application on the same
screen as the launching window.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::AppLaunchContext

== Class Methods


     Creates a new application launch context. This is not normally used,
     instead you instantiate a subclass of this, such as Gdk::AppLaunchContext.

     * Returns: A new GLib::AppLaunchContext

== Instance Methods

--- get_display(info, *files)

     Gets the display string for the context. This is used to ensure new
     applications are started on the same display as the launching application,
     by setting the (({DISPLAY})) environment variable.

     * info: A GLib::AppInfo
     * files: An Array of GLib::File objects
     * Returns: A display String for the display

--- get_startup_notify_id(info, *files)

     Initiates startup notification for the application and returns the
     (({DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID})) for the launched operation, if supported.

     Startup notification IDs are defined in the FreeDesktop.Org Startup
     Notifications standard.

     * info: A GLib::AppInfo
     * files: An Array of GLib::File objects
     * Returns: A startup notification ID for the application, or nil if not

--- launch_failed(startup_notify_id)

     Called when an application has failed to launch, so that it can cancel the
     application startup notification started in

     * startup_notify_id: The startup notification id that was returned by
     * GLib::AppLaunchContext#get_startup_notify_id
     * Returns: self

== See Also

== ChangeLog