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= class GLib::FileIcon

GLib::FileIcon specifies an icon by pointing to an image file to be used as

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::FileIcon

== Included Modules

  * GLib::Icon
  * GLib::LoadableIcon

== Class Methods


     Creates a new icon for a file.

     * file: a GLib::File
     * Returns: a new GLib::File for the given ((|file|)), or nil on error

== Instance Methods

--- ==(other)

    See GLib::Icon#==.

--- eql?(other)

    See GLib::Icon#eql?.

--- file

    Gets the file containing the icon.

     * Returns: The GLib::File containing the icon

--- hash

    See GLib::Icon#hash.

--- load

    See GLib::LoadableIcon#load.

--- load_async

    See GLib::LoadableIcon#load_async.

--- load_finish

    See GLib::LoadableIcon#load_finish.

--- to_s

    See GLib::Icon#to_s.

--- to_str

    See GLib::Icon#to_str.

--- to_string

    See GLib::Icon#to_string.

== Properties

--- file: GLib::File (Read/Write)

    The file containing the icon

== See Also

== ChangeLog