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= class GLib::IOSchedulerJob

Schedules asynchronous I/O operations. GLib::IOSchedulerJob integrates into the
main event loop (GLib::MainLoop) and may use threads if they are available.

Each I/O operation has a priority, and the scheduler uses the priorities to
determine the order in which operations are executed. They are not used to
determine system-wide I/O scheduling. Priorities are integers, with lower
numbers indicating higher priority. It is recommended to choose priorities
as a default.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Boxed
    * GLib::IOSchedulerJob

== Class Methods

--- GLib::IOSchedulerJob.cancel_all_jobs

     Cancells all cancellable I/O jobs.

     A job is cancellable if a GLib::Cancellable was passed to

     * Returns: self

--- GLib::IOSchedulerJob.push_job(io_priority = GLib::PRIORITY_DEFAULT,
cancellable = nil){ |job, cancellable| … }

     Schedules the I/O job to run.

     If cancellable is not nil it can be used to cancel the I/O job by calling
     GLib::Cancellable#cancel or GLib::IOSchedulerJob.cancel_all_jobs.

     Note that depending on whether threads are available, the GIOScheduler may
     run jobs in separate threads or in an idle in the mainloop.

     Long-running jobs should periodically check the cancellable to see if they
     have been cancelled.

     * io_priority: The I/O priority of the request
     * cancellable: Optional GLib::Cancellable, or nil to ignore
     * job: The GLib::IOSchedulerJob
     * Returns: self

== Instance Methods

--- send_to_mainloop{ … }

     Used from an I/O job to send a callback to be run in the thread that the
     job was started from, waiting for the result (and thus blocking the I/O

     * Returns: true if the callback’s result was true

--- send_to_mainloop_async{ … }

     Used from an I/O job to send a callback to be run asynchronously in the
     thread that the job was started from. The callback will be run when the
     main loop is available, but at that time the I/O job might have finished.
     The return value from the callback is ignored.

     * Returns: self

== See Also

== ChangeLog