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= class GLib::NetworkService

Like GLib::NetworkAddress does with hostnames, GLib::NetworkService provides an
easy way to resolve a SRV record, and then attempt to connect to one of the
hosts that implements that service, handling service priority/weighting,
multiple IP addresses, and multiple address families.

See GLib::SrvTarget for more information about SRV records, and see
GLib::SocketConnectable for and example of using the connectable interface.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::NetworkService

== Included Modules

  * GLib::SocketConnectable

== Class Methods

---, protocol, domain)

     Creates a new GLib::NetworkService representing the given service,
     protocol, and domain. This will initially be unresolved; use the
     GLib::SocketConnectable interface to resolve it.

     * service: The service type to look up (for example, “ldap”)
     * protocol: The networking protocol to use for ((|service|)) (for example,
     * domain: The DNS domain to look up the service in
     * Returns: a new GLib::NetworkService

== Instance Methods

--- domain

     Gets the Network domain, for example, “”.

     * Returns: The Network domain, for example, “”.

--- each

    See GLib::SocketConnectable#each.

--- enumerate

    See GLib::SocketConnectable#enumerate.

--- protocol

     Gets the Network protocol, for example, “tcp”.

     * Returns: The Network protocol, for example, “tcp”

--- scheme

     Gets the Network scheme (default is to use service).

     * Returns: The Network scheme (default is to use service)

--- scheme=(scheme)

     Same as GLib::SocketConnectable#set_scheme.

     * Returns: ((|scheme|))

--- service

     Gets the Service name, for example, “ldap”

     * Returns: Service name, eg "ldap"

--- set_scheme(scheme)

     Sets the Network scheme (default is to use service).

     * scheme: Network scheme (default is to use service)
     * Returns: self

== Properties

--- domain: String (Read/Write)

    The Network domain, for example, “”

--- protocol: String (Read/Write)

    The Network protocol, for example, “tcp”

--- scheme: String (Read/Write)

    The Network scheme (default is to use service)

--- service: String (Read/Write)

    The Service name, for example, “ldap”

== See Also

== ChangeLog