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= class Gst::IndexEntry

An index's entry.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Boxed
    * Gst::IndexEntry

== Instance Methods

--- data

    Gets the internal data stored in the entry.  The data depends of the type
    of the entry:
     * Gst::IndexEntry::ID: the description of the ID, as a String.
     * Gst::IndexEntry::ASSOCIATION: an Array that contains the number of associations, a Gst::Format, the value of the format and the association flags (see ((<GstAssocFlags|Gst::Index#GstAssocFlags>))).
     * Gst::IndexEntry::FORMAT: an Array that contains a Gst::Format and its value.
     * Gst::IndexEntry::OBJECt: not yet implemented.
    * Returns: the internal data of the entry.

--- entry_type

    This method returns the type of the entry (see ((<GstIndexEntryType|Gst::IndexEntry#GstIndexEntryType>))).
    * Returns: the type of the entry (see ((<GstIndexEntryType|Gst::IndexEntry#GstIndexEntryType>))).

== Constants

=== GstIndexEntryType

--- ID

== See Also


== ChangeLog

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