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= class Gst::PluginFeature

This is a base class for anything that can be added to a Gst::Plugin.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * Gst::Object
        * Gst::PluginFeature

== Instance Methods

--- ensure_loaded

    Checks if the plugin containing the feature is loaded.
    If not, the plugin will be loaded.
    * Returns: a boolean indicating if the feature is loaded.

--- name

    This method returns the name of the feature.
    * Returns: the name of the feature.

--- unload_thyself

    Unloads the feature. This will decrease the refcount in the
    plugin and will eventually unload the plugin.
    * Returns: self.

--- load!

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

--- loaded?

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

--- plugin_name

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

--- rank

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

--- rank=

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

--- set_rank

     * Returns: self: ((*FIXME*))

== See Also

((<Gst::ElementFactory>)), ((<Gst::IndexFactory>)), ((<Gst::SchedulerFactory>)), ((<Gst>)).

== ChangeLog

- ((<lrz>))