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= class Gtk::Arrow

Gtk::Arrow should be used to draw simple arrows that need to point in one of the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, or right). The style of the arrow can be one of shadow in, shadow out, etched in, or etched out. Note that these directions and style types may be ammended in versions of Gtk to come.

Gtk::Arrow will fill any space alloted to it, but since it is inherited from Gtk::Misc, it can be padded and/or aligned, to fill exactly the space the programmer desires.

Arrows are created with a call to The direction or style of an arrow can be changed after creation by using Gtk::Arrow#set.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::InitiallyUnowned
        * Gtk::Object
          * Gtk::Widget
            * Gtk::Misc
              * Gtk::Arrow

== Class Methods

---, shadow_type)

    Creates a new arrow widget.
    * arrow_type: a valid Gtk::Arrow#Type.  
    * shadow_type: a valid ((<GtkShadowType|Gtk#GtkShadowType>)).  
    * Returns: the new Gtk::Arrow widget.

== Instance Methods

--- set(arrow_type, shadow_type)

    Sets the direction and style.
    * arrow_type: a valid Gtk::Arrow#Type.
    * shadow_type: a valid ((<GtkShadowType|Gtk#GtkShadowType>)).  
    * Returns: self.

--- arrow_type

    Returns the arrow_type.
    * Returns: the arrow_type.

--- arrow_type=(arrow_type)

    Sets the arrow_type.
    * arrow_type: a valid Gtk::Arrow#Type.
    * Returns: the arrow_type.

--- set_arrow_type(arrow_type)

    Same as Gtk::Arrow#arrow_type=.
    * arrow_type: a valid Gtk::Arrow#Type.
    * Returns: self.

--- shadow_type

    Returns the shadow_type.
    * Returns: the shadow_type.

--- shadow_type=(shadow_type)

    Sets the shadow_type.
    * shadow_type: a valid ((<GtkShadowType|Gtk#GtkShadowType>)).  
    * Returns: the shadow_type.

--- set_shadow_type(shadow_type)

    Same as Gtk::Arrow#shadow_type=.
    * shadow_type: a valid ((<GtkShadowType|Gtk#GtkShadowType>)).  
    * Returns: self.

--- ref_accessible

    See Atk::Implementor#ref_accessible.

--- add_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#add_child.

--- construct_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#construct_child.

--- get_internal_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#get_internal_child.

--- name

    See Gtk::Buildable#name.

--- name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#name=.

--- set_buildable_property

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_buildable_property.

--- set_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_name.

--- builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name.

--- builder_name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name=.

--- set_builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_builder_name.

== Constants

=== Type

--- UP

    Represents an upward pointing arrow.

--- DOWN

    Represents a downward pointing arrow.

--- LEFT

    Represents a left pointing arrow.


    Represents a right pointing arrow.

--- NONE

== Properties

--- arrow-type: Integer (Read/Write)

    The direction the arrow should point
    * Default value: Gtk::Arrow::RIGHT

--- shadow-type: Integer (Read/Write)

    Appearance of the shadow surrounding the arrow
    * Default value: Gtk::SHADOW_OUT

== Style Properties

--- arrow-scaling: Float (Read)

== See Also

== ChangeLog

* 2006-01-31 Revised. - ((<Masao>))