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= class Gtk::ComboBoxEntry


A Gtk::ComboBoxEntry is a widget that allows the user to choose from a list of valid choices or enter a different value. It is very similar to a Gtk::ComboBox, but it displays the selected value in an entry to allow modifying it.

In contrast to a Gtk::ComboBox, the underlying model of a Gtk::ComboBoxEntry must always have a text column (see Gtk::ComboBoxEntry#text_column=), and the entry will show the content of the text column in the selected row. To get the text from the entry, use Gtk::ComboBox#active_text.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::InitiallyUnowned
        * Gtk::Object
          * Gtk::Widget
            * Gtk::Container
              * Gtk::Bin
                * Gtk::ComboBox
                  * Gtk::ComboBoxEntry

== Class Methods

--- = true)

    Creates a new Gtk::ComboBoxEntry which has a Gtk::Entry as child. If is_text_only is true, you should only manipulate its data source with the following convenience methods: Gtk::ComboBox#append_text, Gtk::ComboBox#insert_text, Gtk::ComboBox#prepend_text? and Gtk::ComboBox#remove_text. If is_text_only is false, you should set a model using Gtk::ComboBox#model= and a text_column using Gtk::ComboBoxEntry#text_column= after construction.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * Returns: A new Gtk::ComboBoxEntry.

---, text_column)

    Creates a new Gtk::ComboBoxEntry which has a Gtk::Entry as child and a list of strings as popup. You can get the Gtk::Entry from a Gtk::ComboBoxEntry using Gtk::Bin#child. To add and remove strings from the list, just modify model using its data manipulation API.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * text_column: A column in model to get the strings from.  
    * Returns: A new Gtk::ComboBoxEntry.

== Instance Methods

--- text_column

    Returns the column which entry_box is using to get the strings from.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * Returns: A column in the data source model

--- text_column=(text_column)

    Sets the model column which entry_box should use to get strings from.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * text_column: A column in model to get the strings from.
    * Returns: text_column

--- set_text_column(text_column)

    Same as Gtk::ComboBoxEntry#text_column=.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * text_column: A column in model to get the strings from.
    * Returns: self

--- add_attribute

    See Gtk::CellLayout#add_attribute.

--- clear

    See Gtk::CellLayout#clear.

--- clear_attributes

    See Gtk::CellLayout#clear_attributes.

--- editing_done

    See Gtk::CellEditable#editing_done.

--- pack_end

    See Gtk::CellLayout#pack_end.

--- pack_start

    See Gtk::CellLayout#pack_start.

--- ref_accessible

    See Atk::Implementor#ref_accessible.

--- remove_widget

    See Gtk::CellEditable#remove_widget.

--- reorder

    See Gtk::CellLayout#reorder.

--- set_attributes

    See Gtk::CellLayout#set_attributes.

--- set_cell_data_func

    See Gtk::CellLayout#set_cell_data_func.

--- start_editing

    See Gtk::CellEditable#start_editing.

--- add_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#add_child.

--- construct_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#construct_child.

--- get_internal_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#get_internal_child.

--- name

    See Gtk::Buildable#name.

--- name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#name=.

--- set_buildable_property

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_buildable_property.

--- set_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_name.

--- builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name.

--- builder_name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name=.

--- editing_canceled=

    See Gtk::CellEditable#editing_canceled=.

--- editing_canceled?

    See Gtk::CellEditable#editing_canceled?.

--- set_builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_builder_name.

--- set_editing_canceled

    See Gtk::CellEditable#set_editing_canceled.

== Properties

--- text-column: Integer (Read/Write)

    A column in the data source model to get the strings from.  ((* Since 2.4 *))
    * Allowed values: >= -1
    * Default value: -1

== See Also

== ChangeLog

* 2007-02-14 Apply 2.10. - ((<Masao>))
* 2006-02-01 Revised. - ((<Masao>))