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= class Gtk::MenuBar

The Gtk::MenuBar is a subclass of Gtk::MenuShell which contains one to many Gtk::MenuItem. The result is a standard menu bar which can hold many menu items.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * GLib::InitiallyUnowned
        * Gtk::Object
          * Gtk::Widget
            * Gtk::Container
              * Gtk::MenuShell
                * Gtk::MenuBar

== Class Methods


    Creates the new Gtk::MenuBar
    * Returns: the Gtk::MenuBar

== Instance Methods

--- pack_direction

    Retrieves the current pack direction of the menubar. See Gtk::MenuBar#pack_direction=(pack_dir). ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: the direction (Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection)

--- pack_direction=(pack_dir)

    Sets how items should be packed inside a menubar. ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: the direction (Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection)

--- set_pack_direction(pack_dir)

    Same as Gtk::MenuBar#pack_direction=(pack_dir). ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: self

--- child_pack_direction

    Retrieves the current child pack direction of the menubar. See Gtk::MenuBar#child_pack_direction=(pack_dir). ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: the direction (Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection)

--- child_pack_direction=(pack_dir)

    Sets how widgets should be packed inside the children of a menubar. ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: the direction (Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection)

--- set_child_pack_direction(pack_dir)

    Same as Gtk::MenuBar#child_pack_direction=(pack_dir). ((*Since 2.8*))
    * Returns: self

--- ref_accessible

    See Atk::Implementor#ref_accessible.

--- add_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#add_child.

--- construct_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#construct_child.

--- get_internal_child

    See Gtk::Buildable#get_internal_child.

--- name

    See Gtk::Buildable#name.

--- name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#name=.

--- set_buildable_property

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_buildable_property.

--- set_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_name.

--- builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name.

--- builder_name=

    See Gtk::Buildable#builder_name=.

--- set_builder_name

    See Gtk::Buildable#set_builder_name.

== Constants

=== PackDirection

Defines how items should be packed. ((*Since 2.8*))


== Properties

--- pack-direction: Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection (Read/Write)

    The pack direction of the menubar. It determines how menuitems are arranged in the menubar. Default value: LTR. ((*Since 2.8*))

--- child-pack-direction: Gtk::MenuBar::PackDirection (Read/Write)

    The pack direction of the menubar. It determines how the widgets contained in child menuitems are arranged. Default value: LTR. ((*Since 2.8*))

== Style Properties

--- internal-padding: Integer (Read)

    Amount of border space between the menubar shadow and the menu items

--- shadow-type: Gtk::ShadowType (Read)

    Style of bevel around the menubar

== See Also

* Gtk::MenuShell
* Gtk::Menu
* Gtk::MenuItem

== ChangeLog

- ((<Masao>))