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= News (2004-03-28)
== rbbr-0.6.0
((*Posted by Masao on 2004-03-28 (Sun) 16:52:30*))

rbbr-0.6.0 released. Enjoy!

== Changes
* Support ri in ruby. [Masao Mutoh]
* Hypertext. You can click the class/module names and move to the page. [Kenichi Komiya, Masao Mutoh]
* Improved Keyboard accelerations [Masao Mutoh]
* Added "Go back", "Go forward" [Masao Mutoh]
* Support to search classes/modules with method [Masao Mutoh]
   * e.g.) "Gtk main"   => You can find Gtk.main first
* Reduced warning messages on Win32 [Masao Mutoh]
* Enhanced to support L10n for menus/labels [Ales Nyakhaychyk, Dafydd Harries, David Espada, Gabriele Renzi, Jan Weil, Joao Pedrosa, Laurent Snsonetti, Masao Mutoh, Park Ji-ln]
   * Belarusian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese from Brazil, Spanish, Welsh are now supported. (optional)
* Updated Ruby-GNOME2 API Reference. (optional)
   * rbbr-0.6.0-withapi.tar.gz include this reference.
* Fixed some bugs, improved.