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= News (2009-09-24)
== Ruby-GNOME2 0.19.3 released
((*Posted by kou on 2009-09-24 (Thu) 11:43:51*))

Ruby-GNOME2 0.19.3 is out. Enjoy!

This release is a bug fix release of 0.19.2.

== Downloads

: ((<ruby-gtk2-0.19.3.tar.gz|URL:>))
  The minimum package which includes Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GTK2.

: ((<ruby-gnome2-all-0.19.3.tar.gz|URL:>))
   All of Ruby-GNOME2 libraries.

== Changes

=== Ruby/GLib2

  * Bug fix:
    * really fix
      'empty $(vendorarchdir) related build problem on CentOS 5.3 x86_64.'
      [Simon Arnaud, Kouhei Sutou]

== Thanks

  * Simon Arnaud