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= class Pango::Fontset

A Pango::Fontset represents a set of Pango::Font to use when rendering text. It is the result of resolving a Pango::FontDescription against a particular Pango::Context. It has operations for finding the component font for a particular Unicode character, and for finding a composite set of metrics for the entire fontset.

== Object Hierarchy

* Object
  * GLib::Instantiatable
    * GLib::Object
      * Pango::Fontset

== Instance Methods

--- get_font(wc)

    Returns the font in the fontset that contains the best glyph for the unicode character wc.
    * wc: a unicode character  
    * Returns: a Pango::Font.

--- metrics

    Get overall metric information for the fonts in the fontset.
    * Returns: a Pango::FontMetrics object.

--- each{|fontset, font| ... }

    Iterates through all the fonts in a fontset, calling block for each one. If block returns true, that stops the iteration. ((* Since 1.4 *))
    * {|fontset, font| ... }: A block. if the result is true, stop iteration immediately.  
      * fontset: a Pango::Fontset
      * font: a Pango::Font from fontset
    * Returns: self

== See Also

== ChangeLog

* 2005-10-21 Added supported version(#each) - ((<Masao>))
* 2005-10-14 Added. - ((<Masao>))