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= Ruby/GdkPixbuf API Reference

((<API Index|index-ruby-gdkpixbuf2>))

* Gdk::Pixbuf - a class for image loading and manipulation.
* Gdk::PixbufLoader - Application-driven progressive image loading.
* Gdk::PixbufAnimation - a class for animation images loading and manipulation.
* Gdk::PixbufAnimationIter - provides the necessary functionality to display an animation.
* Gdk::Pixdata - A Gdk::Pixdata contains pixbuf information in a form suitable for serialization and streaming.
* Gdk::PixbufFormat - A Gdk::PixbufFormat contains information about the image format accepted by a module.
* Gdk::PixbufError - An error class used for pixbuf operations