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howto_hikird Diff - Ruby-GNOME2 Project Website

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= How to edit this site
This site is written with RD+.
RD+ means RD with some additional rules.

== About RD
See the documents below.
* ((<RD working draft|URL:>))
* ((<Embedded Documentation in Programming Ruby|URL:>))

== About Additional Rules
=== ModuleNames
The ((<ModuleNames>)) page is a list of modules which will be directly linked in Hiki.
Modules names written in ((<ModuleNames>)) will be linked properly, so it is not required anymore to surround Class/Module names with (('((< >))')).

* For href links  
  * Hoge::Foo - Class name
  * Hoge::FOO - Constant (if you need to use this style as class/module name, use (('((<Hoge::FOO>))')) explicity. e.g. ((<Gdk::GC>)))
  * Hoge::Foo#bar - Instance method
  * - Class method
  * - Module method

* For linked names
  * Class method - "---"
  * Instance method - "--- bar" #Method only.

Before you use this, be sure that the module you need to refer is on the ((<ModuleNames>)) page.

=== Class ancestry
To generate the class ancestry you can use the following script. Before use, you have to change the require and the cls values at the top of the script to your needs.

    require 'panelapplet2'
    cls = PanelApplet

    classes = []
    classes << cls.to_s
    while true
        cls = cls.superclass
        break unless cls
        classes << cls.to_s

    i = 0
    classes.each do |cls|
        indent = '  '  * i
        i += 1
        printf "%s* %s\n", indent, cls

=== Auto-generated anchor
==== RD style


* name - Displayed words.
* url - URL


<a href=""></a>
<a href="">hoge</a>

Image URLs (with suffix = png, jpg, jpeg, gif) extend as image.

==== InterWiki style
InterWiki is a mechanism to automatically generate links from a dictionary (an InterWikiName page).


* name - Displayed words.
* key - keyword. Replace InterWikiName's URL if the key existed.
* option - Add the URL (optional).


<a href="">Hiki</a>
<a href="">masao</a>
<a href="">Here</a>

==== How to edit InterWikiName page
InterWikiName page's format is (('[[keyword|url]]')) charset.

*[[Hiki|]] euc
*[[masao|]] euc

== Plugins
=== status plugin
Create status table easily.

{{status "Title", "

or you can show plural versions.

{{status "Title", ["1.0", "1.2"], "

=== image plugin
Show an image from an attached file.  Obviously, you need to upload the file before using the image plugin.


If you use an image of English site, you can write it as below:

{{image_right("en:foo.png")}}           #The current PageID is the same as English site.
{{image_right("en:foo.png", "OtherPageID")}}

You can also write URL directly as below:

  #Support "http://" only

If you want to force a line break after an image, use the br plugin.


=== attach_anchor plugin
Show a link to an attached file.


=== link plugin
Create Prev/Up/Home/Next link.

{{link("PrevPageID", "UpPageID", "HomePageID", "NextPageID")}}

If you use nil for the page_ids, the link will not show.

{{link(nil, nil, "HomePageID", "NextPageID")}}

== How to write API Reference
See existing files.  Please ask me if you need help.

== Remove a page
You can remove Hiki pages, but be careful with this function!

Here are the steps:

(1) edit the page.
(2) remove title and page contents.
(3) enter password (same as Hiki's) in the text field (just after the ((*Freeze the current page*)) option).
(4) click on Save.

== Misc
Train yourself on the ((<Practice Page>))!

- ((<Masao>))

- last edited 2009-06-04 ((<Detlef>))